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Key Part# Description
1 AR10023 Throttle Lever (used)
AR10058 Throttle Shaft (Late A&B)
2 21H963 Clamp Screw
3 21H975 Stop Screw
4 R10036 Lever Screw
5, 6, 50, 51 SC&W's Throttle & Choke Screws
7 AR10020 Idle Needle
8 AR10018 Load Needle
9 R10061 Throttle Shaft
10 R10024 Disk (A, D, G)
R10028 Disk (DLTX 10)
R10029 Disk (H)
R10080 Disk (DLTX 34, 67, 73)
11, 17 R10139 Throttle Bushing
12 R10076 Throttle Stop Spring
13 R10049 Throttle Stop
14 See Carburetor Listing
15 321R Gasket
16 R10043 Economiser Plug A
R10052  Economiser Plug C
R10053 Economiser Plug D
R10054 Economiser Plug E
R10055 Economiser Plug G
R10056 Economiser Plug H
18 R10026 Bowl Gasket
19 AR10021 Strainer Complete
DRP10 Strainer Screen
20 R10025 Strainer Gasket
21 AR10113 Seat & Needle
22 AR10066 Float
23 A258 Fuel Inlet
24 R10160 Brass Plug
25 R10050 Float Bearing Screw
26 R10049 Float Lever Pin
27 R10059 Nozzle (All Fuel "A")
R10064 (All Fuel "B")
R10065 (All Fuel "D") DLTX6
R10066 (All Fuel "D") DLTX16
R10116 (Gas "A")
R10117 (Gas "B")
R10118 (All Fuel "A")
R10119 (All Fuel "B")
R10126 (Gas "D&G")
28 R10078 Nozzle Spring
29 R10014 Gasket Bowl Nut
30 R10063 Bottom Nut
R10042 Bottom Nut (Early Brass Carbs)
R10155 Bottom Nut (DLTX51)
31 AR10075 Drain Cock
32 B1107 Plug (Used)
33 DLT13 Bowl
34 R10172 Seat & Needle Gasket
35 R10075 Friction Ball Spring
36 R10038 Friction Ball
37, 38 3/8 Bolt & LW 4 Used
39 R10067 Drill Plug
40 R10045 Drill Plug
41 15-223 Drill Plug
42 R10067 Drill Plug
43 D1034 Intake Gasket
44 R10057 Choke Screw
45 R10010 Choke Washer
46 R10079 Choke Spring
47 R10147 Choke Washer
48 AR10043 Choke Lever
49 R10011 Choke Disk ("A, D, G")
R10027 Choke Disk ("B")
R10108 Choke Disk ("B")
R10110 Choke Disk ("A")
52 R10114 Throttle Felt Packing
53 R10151 Plug
54 R10096 Dust Cover Retainer Spring
55 R10157 Dust Cover
56 R10095 Choke Return Spring
57 R10091 Gasket
58 R10106 Choke Lever
59 R10090 Gasket
60 AR10063 Choke Shaft
Not Shown BC-100 Complete Gasket Set
Not Shown AR10163 Bowl Vent (Late "A&B")
Not Shown DRP 1 Manual Choke Lever ("A, B, G")
Not Shown DRP 2 Manual Choke Lever ("AO, AR, D")