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Key Part# Description
1 See Carburetor Listing
2 N/A
3a AR10014 Load Needle
3b AR10015 Idle Needle
4 R10038 Friction Ball
5a R10075 Friction Ball Spring
5b R10078 Nozzle Spring
5c R10004 Choke Return Spring
5d R10076 Throttle Stop Spring
6a, 6b N/A
7 N/A
8 AR10075 Drain Cock
9 R10047 Nozzle
10a R10049 Throttle Stop
10b R10040 Float Lever Pin
11 R10067 Drill Plug (5 Used)
12 AR10017 Brass Float
13 R10044 Float Bearing Screw
14 AR10011 Float Lever
15 R10034 Float Valve Retainer Nut
16 N/A
17 AR10006 Float Valve
18 N/A
19 AR10013 Choke Shaft
20 SC & LW Throttle & Choke Disk Screws
21a R10011 Choke Disk
21b DRP11 Throttle Disk
23 RB-248 Gasket Set
24 R10042 Bowl Nut
25 AR10008 Needle Valve Cover
26 R10020 Throttle Bushing (2 Used)
27 N/A
28 R10046 Throttle Shaft
29 R10036 Throttle Bushing Screw